Kerri Trammel

UGC Content Creator & Social Media Influencer

UGC Creation

I specialize in making quick, eye catching content relating to a demographic otherwise unreachable with unauthentic, traditional marketing.

Social Media Influencer

I have built a completely authentic and organic following based on trust. If I fully appreciate a product or brand we can work together to maximize your marketing potential using my customer base.


Helping You Achieve Success

Hi! My name is Kerri. I am a UGC Creator and social media influencer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have been married the love of my life for over 13 years. I am passionate about travel, holistic remedies and life hacks. I love making others lives easier with new, innovative products.  If this is something I can help you with, contact me!

• UGC (15-55 seconds)

$150 for 1 video

$350 for 3 videos

• ADVERTISEMENT (Usage rights after 6 months)

$200+ for 1 video

$500+ for 3 unique videos

•Social Media Sponsorship

1 minute full ad with script and video editing $300




Food & Beverage

Product Demo:

Mindful Wellness


Physical Health

Product Demo:



Health & Wellness

Product Demo:

Skin Care


Health & Wellness



3 Reasons Why:



Health & Wellness

Stop Motion

Photography Video

Why UGC?


User generated content is the newest form of profitable marketing created by relatable users generating authentic content reviews.

92% of customers are looking for an unbiased reccomendation from existing customers.

Why Sponsor?


A social media following is based on common interests and trust. I have gained on average 3,183 followers each month on YouTube.

This rapidly growing, organic community is an evergreen opportunity. Since my content is not based on trending topics, the sponsorship with be permanently embedded into the videos leaving endless opportunities for your brand to be discovered.