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My name is Kerri Trammel, I am currently late 30 something years old with 2 boys and an incredible husband. I am a normal person from Oklahoma! Before kids, I had a normal life with gigantic dreams. The entire purpose for my internet presence is to take away solitude from the struggling and help others live their best lives mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. I strongly believe in a tribe! I want to see people succeed!

Recently, I have become a stay at home, homeschooling mom and am navigating (with the help of Pinterest) how to keep all 4 of us emotionally, mentally and financially stable! Can you relate?

Friend Hat

In this space, I share all of my research! The extensive, countless hours I’ve spent deep diving into homeschooling, holistic remedies, parenting hacks and so much more!

As a lifetime hairstylist and salon owner (until recently), the best part of my day was when my real, raw clients came in. We would talk for hours, solving the world’s problems and encouraging one another! We would both go home that night full of new hope and comfort in our own skin.

I invite you to ask questions, leave helpful comments for others and share your wisdom!

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My oldest son is 10. He is a gifted student with a loving heart! He is a beautiful soul and I’ve said 100x I don’t deserve him. He is super easy to correct and guide through life. My youngest is currently 2. He had a rough beginning with colic for about 1 year. He is incredibly strong willed and prefers to learn the hard way.

I believe kids are a gift! A gift some are not ever awarded and for that I am thankful!

As I navigate this motherhood journey I’ve noticed moms need almost as much care and concern as children. Shortly after my first son was born, I suffered with severe anxiety and mental illness. I had HORRIBLE thoughts towards him every single day. Not knowing or believing what was happening to me, I turned to the internet to no avail. After being tortured for 4 long years, I finally sought help.

I learned it was a severe form of Post-Partum Depression. Although a very common problem after child birth, NONE of my research yielded this result. It was more related to multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia.

Quickly, my newly found answers led me down an in-depth road to recovery learning about the human body, holistic healing and self-awareness. I share my story every chance I get to help the hurting mamma desperately searching for help!

 Wife Hat

My husband and I have been through many seasons and none without their challenges. We have both had to learn growth, acceptance and maturity. When we met, he was a street bike club member with a super fast crotch rocket! I fell hard!

Next, he was an over-the-road truck driver leaving my oldest son and I at home for days or weeks at a time. This season we developed our own separate lives. We saw the path leading to dark places and decided it was time for him to come home.

Taking a 2/3 pay cut, we slowly learned how to coexist again not only as husband and wife but as friends and parents. I’ll be transparent, we almost didn’t make it.

One thing I have learned about us over the last 11+ years is that as long as we are willing to admit fault, grow and let go we will always be resilient.

Now, he is quickly excelling in his new career. All 4 of us are extremely proud of him and we look to live in Europe in the next 3 years.

The love languages I speak are acts of service and time spent, completely opposite of his which are gifts and touch. I have to remember to love him genuinely the way he receives love. To be successful, we need to constantly be looking outside of ourselves and be servant leaders. Even in marriage.

We’ll talk soon! Enjoy!


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