About ME!

♥ Cats or dogs?

     DOGS! 100%

♥ Summer or winter? 

     Popsicles, boats, waterparks and cookouts!

♥ Homebody or social?

     I have a tight friend group that I LOVE doing life with!

♥ Favorite color?

     You know that color of the sunset that isnt quite pink and not exactly orange but looks a little neon? That color!

♥ What am I most passionate about?

     Kids equality in the world. Adults think we are superior and often over look kids like they dont have emotions and opinions just as strong as ours. They often have no control over their lives and deserve to be listened to.

♥ Why am I a below the knee amputee?

     I had a motorcycle accident in 2019 a few days after my son was born. I was a hairstylist and salon owner for 10+ years on my broken dislocated foot in extreme pain before my husband and I decided life was worth living without pain. We amputated july 2021 and I have been set free!

♥ How do I spend my free time?

     During the week I works 80+ hours so I take every Saturday off to observe and enjoy the Sabbath with my friends and family.

♥ What is my 5 year plan?

     In 5 years, my oldest will be 18 and before then, I plan to make enough residual income to travel the world with him before he begins his new life on his own. I plan to make enough money to bring my husband home from being an over the road truck driver before the end of 2025. And I plan to own several investment properties before the end of the next 5 years.

♥ What is my biggest fear?

     My biggest fear is that I will not be able to travel the world with my kids while they still live with us. I work endless hours to provide the life we want to live. I am petrified they will leave without making those memories together as a family.