SiriusXM Roady BT Satellite Radio (Bluetooth Compatible) In-Vehicle Satellite Radio. Enjoy SiriusXM Through Your Existing car stereo for as Low as $5/Month + $60 Service Card with Activation. Subscription sold separately by SiriusXM. Channel lineup varies based on subscription package.

Magnetically mount the SiriusXM Roady BT Satellite Radio with either the vent or dash mount (included) or a compatible alternative mounting solution (sold separately).

AUDIO CONNECTION OPTIONS – Connect to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth audio streaming, Aux audio output or FM audio output (requires FMDA25 adapter, sold separately).

CLEAN INSTALLATION – A single wire connection from the Intelligent Power Adapter to the radio display create a clean install.

REPLAY – Pause, rewind and replay 30-60 minutes of live satellite radio.

TUNESTART Automatically start songs from the beginning with TuneStar on your 20 favorite preset channels.

SONG, ARTIST AND SPORTS ALERTS – Get alerts when your favorite songs, artists ands sports teams play on another channel. Access to game alerts depends on subscription plan.

3.2″ COLOR SCREEN – Features a 3.2″ full color, high-resolution display; 400 x 240 resolution. 20 PRESETS – Save up to 20 favorite channel presets in two banks, A & B. SCREEN BRIGHTNESS OPTION – Control the screen brightness with convenient day and night settings.

Hey, my name is Kerri and I am an influencer on all major platforms including an Amazon Influencer.

Amazon influencer is different from Amazon associates. To be an Amazon associate, you apply and pretty much get accepted. Their requirements are minimal. From there you can go get a link from the items you like, put them on your content or recommend them to your friends and make a small commission. You bring the traffic to the product.

Amazon influencer program is different. Amazon places your video review on the product in front of the traffic already searching for it. If someone watches it and purchases the item you might get a commission. I say might because they need to watch it for a few seconds and a few more rules. But it is placed in front of traffic that is actively searching to purchase.

But Amazon wants to see that you are an influencer for this program. That doesn’t mean large following. They care about engagement. So if you have an audience that loves your content, leaves comments, likes and shares your content, apply for the Amazon influencer program using that account with the most engagement.

Once you are accepted, you can apply to do onsite commissions which is the video reviews. But be careful! You only get 3 tries. Do some research on how to get approved. There are a ton of videos out there. Basically stay away from using children in the video, no medical claims, good lighting and audio, don’t show barcodes and a few more basic rules.

Lets be friends! Hang out, ask questions & enjoy the review videos!

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