We came to see the Knights Templar Initiation Well in Sintra, Portugal, just outside of Lisbon.

If you visit Portugal, this is an intriguing bit of history you do not want to miss!

The gardens where the inverted tower known as the Initiation Well are called Quinta da Regaleria. The well itself is adorned with mystical and pagan symbols.

The property consists of a romantic palace and chapel, a luxurious park that features lakes, grottos, wells, benches, lighted caves, towers and fountains and a vast array of impressive constructions.

The entire gardens could easily fill an entire day of exploring.

the grounds are handicapped accessible with paved roads but like any ancient historical location there are a lot of areas that are not handicapped accessible.

There is an entrance fee of 12 euro per adult, but there are discounts for children, elderly and handicapped.

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