I hate chopping garlic and carrots so we’re going to see how it does with chopping to eliminate the cutting board and the knife. We’re going to use this electric food processor to make a smoothie to see if I can eliminate my blender and we’re going to make mashed potatoes to see if I can eliminate my mixer.

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This electric kitchen in the box food processor, small meat grinder & food chopper makes some really bold claims so I want to put it to the test and see if I can eliminate three different appliances.

It comes with with 2 bowls & 2 bi-level blades along with the motor attachment.

I like that I have power over how long the motor run on 2 different speeds. It doesn’t have to run for a specific duration of time.

After only a few second on speed 1, we have really good not chunky mashed potatoes. I added pre cooked potatoes, milk and butter.

For the smoothie, I added really big frozen berries, including a big chunk because I wanted to see how it does without any milk or other ingredients. I’m super impressed, It blended the berries into tiny little ice berries!

To make the smoothie, I added a bit of milk and blended on level two for about 1 minute. It definitely takes a little bit longer to get the desired result than a blender but in order to eliminate an appliance I’m willing to do it.

Now for the big question, can it chop? I make lots of soups it would be really helpful if I don’t have to stand in the kitchen with the cutting board and a knife.

I am blown away with how well this kitchen in a box chopper chopped my carrots and garlic in a matter of seconds!

It really can do it all! The best part is that the entire system, aside from the motor, is dishwasher safe. Clean up is an absolute Breeze!

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