Aveiro sits on the coast of Portugal and is loving known as the Venice of Portugal. Before you go, make sure you bring some colorful ribbon from home.

During your stay you can take one of the many 1 hour guided tour boats along the canal. We did this first before deciding what we wanted to do next.

One of the tourist hot spots you want to visit in Aveiro is the Ponte do Laços de Amizade, literally “the bridge of friendship” in English. It is one of the friendship/relationship ribbon bridges. As you walk across the bridge, tie your ribbon to symbolize your union to each other.

Next, head over to the many outdoor seating cafes and ice cream shops to enjoy the sun shine and street music. It is a romantic setting full of vibrant life.

The entire time you are in Aveiro, you will be surrounded by the exquisite azulejos. These hand painted blue tiles decorate the streets of Portugal but one of the most classic examples is at the Old Station. take time to visit inside at the museum and ask questions.

At the end of your day, go watch an incredible sunset at the beach. You will not regret it!

There are so many shops and gorgeous architecture to explore in Aveiro Portugal you will want an entire day or two.

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