BLT and fried egg breakfast toaster

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Serves: 5


Easiest Bread In The World or thick cut store bought bread

12 oz thick cut bacon

Cheese slices of choice, I recommend cheddar

5 lettuce leaves

1-2 tomatos

5 eggs

Mayo and mustard if desired.


Fry or bake the bacon to your liking.

Cut your bread in 1″ thick slices and toast in the toaster.

Fry your eggs to your liking.

Slice your tomato to the thickness desired.

Wash and cut lettuce to be placed or folded on the sandwich.


Assemble your BLT and fried egg breakfast toaster by placing one toasted bread slice on a plate and add mayo or mustard if desired. In order top with fried egg, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Finish with placing the second toasted bread slice on top and cut your BLT and fried egg breakfast toaster on a diagonal. I like to serve mine with apple slices! ENJOY!

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