What Is Elective Amputation?

Will I AMPUTATE my foot?? What is ELECTIVE AMPUTATION? Elective amputation is making a decision to amputate for medical reasons not due to an emergency or trauma. Making an amputation decision is proving harder than I first realized. I have so many elective amputation questions!

When I was 28 years old, I wrecked my motorcycle resulting in a snapped foot. Since then, I have had 4 surgeries, countless physical therapy hours and chiropractic visits. Additionally, I have adopted many holistic remedies and ways of life. I am living a poor quality of life looking for an end to this madness! I have an incredible family that is excited to go see the world! Except, as I am, I can’t. Is getting my foot amputated the answer?

Elective Amputation Unanswered Questions

I have so many questions about elective amputation

Will My kids be embarrassed?

What will we say when people stare?

Will my life be harder?

How will I navigate emergencies?

How do I go to the baby or the bathroom in the middle of the night?

What time of year would be best for amputation regarding my deductible in relation to my husband’s position at work as well as my son’s school schedule?

How long will I be in physical therapy?

How many times do I go to the prosthetist’s office? I need one close to my house if I have to go every week or two. How do I find the right prosthetist?

Can I relocate globally after my elective amputation and still get the care I need?

Are there prosthetists offices all over the world?

Will I be able to swim? How? Where do I leave my prosthesis at the pool?

How many legs will I have? A sand prosthesis? A water prosthesis? Will I have a running prosthesis? Maybe an everyday prosthesis?

How often do I get a new prosthesis? How much do they cost? Will insurance cover them?

Is my husband going look at me differently after my amputation? Will he still find me attractive?

Will I be able to get to my kids quickly in an emergency?

How long does it take to put my prosthesis on?

Can I stand solely on my prosthesis?

How do I take a shower without a foot?

Can I stand up from the floor in a prosthesis?

Do I wear the prosthesis all day?

Follow my journey as I embark on this extensive elective amputee story of healing and life!

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