What is elective amputation?

Why would I choose to amputate a limb if it wasn’t necessary?

I wrecked my motorcycle over 10 years ago, resulting in a broken talus bone. I broke mine in half, and my foot turned sideways at the break. Apparently, this is a severe break with a poor outcome of the reconstruction.

Now, My foot is stuck in a pointed position called drop foot. This causes me to walk on my toes or in heels. I have had multiple surgeries and have come to a point in my recovery where I need to make a tough decision. I can fuse my foot with pins and rods or amputate.

Currently, before my elective amputation, I have a one-year-old baby and a 10-year-old son I homeschool. I am the full-time caregiver of my home and family, making meals from scratch every day as well as an unavoidable flight of stairs. I am not able to participate in extra activities like going to the park or on a walk. This causes me incredible pain daily, leaving me crawling at the end of the day.

When I can’t walk, I am left crawling to help my kids. I crawl up and down the stairs as needed. I ask for help with simple things and try to minimize pressure on my broken foot as much as possible. If I try to put my broken foot flat on the floor, my knee hyperextends. I can’t run, jump or do any sort of aerobic exercise. Sitting down in a chair is just as painful since my foot doesn’t bend at a 90-degree angle.

There is no comfortable way to sit or stand. Follow my journey as I embark on this extensive elective amputee story of healing and life!

Watch my full story here!

Did I amputate? Watch this!

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