What  are a few simple life changes you can make to have a big impacts on your daily sanity?

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This Is Driving Me Crazy!

What drives you absolutely bananas in your everyday life?! 

Most of the time we are so busy trying to put out fires we don’t realize the little flame growing inside of us. Then, seemingly all of the sudden, we lash out because of the buildup.

*Pause here and see if you can pinpoint some specific things that drive you up absolutely bonkers.*


Helpful ideas:

Is it the constant over stimulating noise from toys, shrieking kids and TV?

My house has inadequate lighting that makes me want to scream because I can’t see!

What about incessant kids following you around the house whining, tattling or complaining?

Does the news put you in a bad mood?

Are your kids constantly underfoot?

How many toys are in the living room/common area that no one is playing yet are constantly getting stepped on?

Is the smallest human constantly pulling something out of a cabinet or closet?

Do neighborhood kids or delivery persons ring your door bell?

Are you doing literally everything while the other humans just drag stuff out?

Do you have a system in place for homeschool or dinner prep?

Is the dog about to “live on a nice farm” because of the constant barking?

Is your tablet, phone or laptop always dead when you pick it up?

Are your kids entitled?

Do you carry everyone’s stuff at the park or store?


Whatever “it” is, do yourself a favor; take the dedicated time to fix it! Today!!


Simple Life Changes Making Big Impacts On Daily Sanity


Constant over stimulating noise from toys, shrieking kids and TV:

Usually, we don’t realize when we are overstimulated. We break down in some way without understanding what triggered it. On Christmas morning, I witnessed this when our extended family had all the kids screaming and crying on the living room floor surrounded by mountains of toys. Too much!! 

If noise is a trigger for you, remove the batteries from toys downstairs, ban toys in the living room, reduce the TV time, turn on music you enjoy, tell people to use “inside voices”. I can’t count how many times a day I say “inside voice” or “shared space” and “you can be as loud as you want in your room or outside”. Now, all it takes is this simple reminder to restore peace. 

Inadequate lighting or any aesthetic home annoyance:

Let’s face it, we all have that one area of our house that we hate. For me, it’s the lighting. Whoever built this house did not consider there at some point would be nightfall when the lighting would be needed. After being mad about it for a year, it finally hit me to get lamps! So, I did! This simple life change made a significant impact on my daily sanity! Now, It won’t be the trigger that breaks me in a stressful situation.


Kids following you around the house whining, tattling, or complaining:

This one I recently tackled with my almost-two-year-old. He’s not speaking yet, so all he has to communicate with our sounds. He has decided to use only one sound most of the day, whining. No matter what, he follows me around with his hands in the air asking to be picked up while whining. I decided to fix this. It took an entire day (and will take constant reminders), but I made sure he wasn’t tired, hungry, or attention-starved. Then, I would tell him, “stop whining, and I will… (whatever he needed)” It took him most of the day to catch on, but he did! Now, when he whines at me, I turn my nose up and say, “stop whining”. He does, and we can go about our day! 


The news puts you in a bad mood:

This one is easy, TURN IT OFF! This also applies to social media. Why get worked up over things you can’t change. If it bothers you, seek peace and turn it off.


Kids are frequently underfoot:

I read another blog that suggested a timer for playing with mom. Personally, I haven’t tried the timer but, I think it would work well! I save special activities like playdough or water painting when I need to get something done. It’s also ok to teach your kids to play on their own and leave you to get a project done! 

I finally put baby gates in my kitchen while I am cooking! It made the toddler mad because he couldn’t hang on me anymore, but he is safer now away from the hot stove and possibly tripping me. If you have a large opening, make this simple cloth one for any size!


Overwhelmed living room/common area that isn’t beneficial or peaceful:  

Why are there so many toys strung out in the living room when no one actually plays with them? It’s like some living room mystery! I picked up every single tiny toy that people strung out but never played with. I left three toys. The result surprised me! 

They played independently! FINALLY! By taking away the overstimulation, the kids can now process the toys they are left with and actually play with them. I was shocked! Now, I switch out the toys every few days to keep them interested.


Constantly pulling things out of a cabinet or closet:

The kitchen pantry and drawers seem to be fascinating to the new kid. He can reach in there and grab tons of new things! However, this isn’t safe. I am always clear on my expectations of obeying and follow through with punishment. I believe this is key. But, while we are still learning, carabiner hooks, zip ties, rearranging cabinets, or safety latches are always an option. Block off the area driving you nuts! 


Neighborhood kids or delivery persons ring your doorbell:

This will wake up the toddler and unleash my inner beast! So, to put an end to it, I have two signs and tape over my doorbell! My favorite is “You wake it; you take it!” 


You are doing literally everything while the other humans just drag stuff out:

I was continually running around trying to keep up. So, I delegated chores! Dad included. If I make dinner, someone else does the dishes. If I do laundry, someone else puts it away. I do inside chores, and dad does outside, including the trash, mail, vehicles, lawn, and maintenance. Use the people in your house to help you! They will have a better family pride because of the work they have invested in. They will also think twice about leaving things out if you ask them to stop playing to put them away. But remember, consistency is key.


No system in place for homeschool or dinner prep:

Think ahead, use your time wisely, don’t get caught off guard. Do dinner prep during the day when you can. Set up the homeschool schedule the night before. Have an emergency plan for that unexpected phone call or broken glass you must clean up immediately. Save specific toys or activities just for these occasions so you can refocus and think. Simple life changes making big impacts on daily sanity takes prep work!


The dog about to “live on a nice farm” because of the constant barking:

Listen, I’ve lived next to a dog that barked so much we moved. I get it. Don’t be that person. They make bark solutions. Google one and use it. Take your sanity back. If it’s the neighbor’s dog, talk to them to see what you can do to resolve the situation. 


Your tablet, phone, or laptop always dead when you pick it up:

Buy more chargers! Tell your kids if they don’t return the item to the charger, they won’t have the privilege of using said item tomorrow. Problem solved! Follow through on your part is the only thing that will solve this. If they lose the privilege, don’t cave the next day because you need the time. Force them to find something else to do. It puts the responsibility back on them. 


Entitled or spoiled children:

Take the time to fix this. You will thank yourself later. My toddler was driving me absolutely bananas with not eating his “first” dinner. He held out for “second” or “third” dinner as we call it at my house. (He thinks he is a picky eater) Making three meals took my time away from the family all evening and wasted food! 

I set out to fix this one once I identified it was a problem. I made sure he didn’t have snacks or big water drinks before dinner to ensure he was hungry. Also, I fed him things he liked the first few days to set the expectation of eating at family dinner time. It worked! Sometimes he still refuses his dinner, like all kids. I just make him sit there mad. He can eat or not; I don’t care, but he will sit there as if we were at a restaurant. I know he is hungry before bed, so I top him off with something filling but not until after dinner is long gone, so he doesn’t associate it with “second” dinner.


Your arms are overloaded:

I’m not a pack mule. If you bring the Rubix cube into the store, you are responsible for it, not me. If you bring a hoodie or bottle of water to the park, you are in charge of it. I don’t hold things for people. How many times do your kids hand you something to hold without even looking at you? 

I just stand there and stare until my son looks at me and says, “will you hold this for me, please?” “No, I won’t. I have all of my belongings and the baby’s. You brought it, you hold it.” pretty soon, they don’t take a lot of fluff along with them! 


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