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As a mom of two, everything I do is in a rush. How do I slow down and enjoy being a mom again? I have to constantly check in with my self care checklist to keep myself on track!

*If I use the bathroom or take a shower, it can’t exceed 2 minutes.

*Leaving the house without kids is a rush before the phone calls start.

*At the exact moment the baby falls asleep, my timer starts to get EVERYTHING done.

*Taking a day off is a rush to get a month’s worth of work prioritized and completed.

Sound Familiar?


What about snags in the day that quickly turn to pitfalls because of the ever-increasing deficit? Then, anger takes over as panic sets in. Things now get overlooked or missed as we try desperately to catch back up.


For example, doing the dishes while the kids eat. I tried this and was quickly reminded never to turn my back. It’s not worth it. Ever! Praise God, my son is ok. He choked and threw up. The reality is, I don’t know how long he was choking because I was not watching like I should have been.




We All Make Mistakes.


Learn from your mistakes and don’t assume no one else makes them simply because you don’t see their dirty laundry airing. They have it. Trust me. Even the one you wish you admire makes mistakes.


The difference between most people and myself is that I’m willing to admit my faults in the hopes others don’t feel like failures. It’s easy to fall into this trap of perfection and comparison.


How do we stop this cycle? Recharging your batteries is a MUST. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” -Ever heard that one?


Below is your self care checklist for mom but first, 




We are all unique but at our core we all want the same things: to be loved, listened to and treated with respect.

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6 Practical Self Care Checklist Steps For Mom:

1) Prioritize

In my son’s choking moment, I hit my knees spiritually, thanking God for his grace and mercy on my son in my weakness, praising Him for keeping my son safe and thanking Him for His correction for me. All the while, promising Him I will keep them first in the future before any pressing list. Know what things are most important and recognize the things that can wait.

2) Delegate

I’m the worst at refusing help. I can do it faster and correctly the first time if I do it myself. Then I’m bitterly asking the question, “why doesn’t anyone help me around here? I wish I had time to sit and watch tv”. Be very careful. This is where resentment takes root. Once allowed to grow, it’s difficult to get under control and remove. Pluck it out of your heart while it is small, mammas. Ask for your family’s help regularly. This way, when you DO need help, it’s normal for them, and they have been practicing how to do it correctly.

3) Take The Break

It can be 5 minutes, a few hours at nap, or an entire day off (lucky!). Either way, breathe deep. Have a plan for when you get that sacred space alone. Sit with your eyes closed and re-center. Go for a walk, take a shower, eat. Please do whatever you need during that time to clear your head so you can get back at it.

4) Set Realistic Expectations.

My biggest fault is waking up saying, “today is the day…!” Today, I will be super productive and clear the list! Today the baby will sleep, and while he does, I’ll get XYZ done. Inevitably, this is a setup for failure and heartbreak.

I went to pick up the groceries. If you know me, you know “drive-up, pick-up groceries” is #1 on my hate list. I tried it again with had grand plans for the time I would save. After I waited an hour at pick-up, I then find out several pivotal items were out of stock.

Thus, I went home raging and made everyone around me in the same mood snowballing our afternoon. Why? I set my expectations reliant on something out of my control then was heartbroken when it fell through, costing me more time I didn’t have.

In short, I knew I shouldn’t have done pick-up, but I did it anyway—my fault. Now I need to go back to step #1 and prioritize. Now, the day is shot. But is it?

5) Smile Anyway

Smile and laugh despite negative feelings. Feelings will lead you astray, don’t follow them. It’s like following a stray rabbit. They go nowhere worth your time or energy. Be an adult (taking my own advice here), grow up, smile, and get back on track as you can.

6) Write It Down

I’m a HUGE list maker. I have lists for my lists. This gets everything out of my brain. Therefore, when it’s time to be productive, I know where I am and where I’m going in the world. If we keep too much in our brains, we get overloaded and can’t possibly be productive. When I have a moment to myself, I can quickly pull up my list and see my priorities.

What are some things you have found to add to your self care checklist for mom? Share them in a comment! Let’s work together on our self care journey!