No one wants to be on lockdown, even if it is voluntary. We will all get sick of each other really quickly if we don’t have something to do. Here is a list of creative things to do during quarantine to keep you busy and productive.

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1. Make A List Of Goals And A Detailed List Of How To Achieve Them.

Once you start making a list of life goals, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start to achieve them. First, prioritize your goals in numerical order. Then, make realistic steps on how you will achieve each one. This might take a lot of time, consideration, and research, so be prepared!

2. Clean Out One Area Of The House Every Day.

Some projects might take more than one day to complete but think of the progress you will have made when it is time to return to work!

For example, if “clean out the garage” is on your list but you don’t know where to start, make a list of steps.

1. Pull out all of the large items that stay; lawn equipment, bikes, Christmas decorations, etc. Now, you have an empty space in the garage to start working.

2. Collect all of the odds and loose pieces scattered throughout the garage. Commit them to one of 3 piles:

“Trash” pile (in the trash can), a “keep” pile, and a “donate/sell” pile. Next, as you pull out each item, think about it and commit it to a pile. Once it is there, don’t change it unless it’s to the donate or trash pile.

As you keep items, organize the containers they are kept in as well as the location you keep them in the garage. Label containers and keep them organized.

3. Take a picture of the items in your for-sale pile and list them immediately. I love the Facebook marketplace for this. You can also use your local neighborhood group. Then, leave these things accessible. If they don’t sell within a week, donate them for the tax receipt.

4. Once you have done all of the loose items in the garage, start pulling out buckets and bins. Then, organize them one at a time.

Be prepared, the garage will look 1000x worse before it ever looks better! Keep going!!

3. Deep Clean The House

You already know this is on your list of things to do during quarantine anyway, so you might as well get started! Don’t forget to scrub the tubs, baseboards, and ceiling fans!

4. Nerf Gun War

I got sick of FORCING my son to play outside one day and suggested a Nerf gun war! We played capture the flag and made our own rules: you can’t just guard your base, you have to pursue the flag actively, and when 3 darts hit you, the flag gets returned to the original base. This gives the runner time to get the captured flag to their base for the win!! First, one to 5 completed captures wins! (I never won any)

5. Read A Book

You can read an Ebook or real book! The choices are endless! Google your favorite genre or topic for ideas.

6. Play A “Bored” Game

Remember that closet with all of those ancient board games? The ones we used to play 20 years ago? It turns out, kids (and adults) love them!! They are a wonderful way to jog your brain and pass the time!

7. Create A New Game

Kids are notorious for saying, “but let’s make these rules instead!” Go with it! They have wild ideas that aren’t thought through. Go with them and see where it takes you. You might create the best thing since Monopoly, or it can be a great learning experience on how things work together to make games fair and fun!

8. Make An Obstacle Course

Kids love to climb on furniture, but we never let them! This is your chance to be their hero! First, set up jumping jack stations. Then, spinning in circles station followed by a kickball station. Add in climbing from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor. Get creative and let them burn their energy!

9. Build A Fort

Kids LOVE forts and they are fun to make! First, gather up all of the available sheets and blankets. Then, teach them how to correctly make things hold in place with weights, clips, or knots. Channel your inner 8 yr old!

10. Write A Book

This one might be a stretch of things to do during quarantine unless you already have an idea. If you don’t, Children’s books are easy to write! Think of things you loved to read to your kids and start there. Have your own kids write down their silly stories they always tell! Look online for ideas but just start writing and see where it takes you!

11. Start A Blog

First of all, this one is NOT easy (I found out). Anyone who says differently is lying! Ok, it’s not that bad but it’s definitely not easy. Look up ideas of where to start. I recommend writing some material on your computer before investing any money into your site. There are loads of ideas online. If you have something valuable to say, let the world hear it!

12. Start A YouTube Channel

This is by far the easiest thing I have started online. It is as simple as making an account, shooting a video, and uploading it! However, if you ever want to make money, you need to promote your videos on social media sites and with friends and family.

I thought I needed a fancy camera and Photoshop. Nope! I have found my smartphone is the easiest because the editing apps are on the phone with my video! No uploading to my computer or carrying around my laptop to edit. I use several apps, but the one I wouldn’t be able to live without is Inshot! Here is my YouTube channel.

13. Hand Write Christmas Cards

By the time the holidays roll around, we are busy with back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, gift buying, and company parties. Before you know it, it’s too late to write the cards. Write, address and stamp them now! Lastly, just before Christmas, add a family photo and put them in the mailbox! Grandma is going to LOVE getting a handwritten Christmas card this year!

14. List Items For Sale Online

I don’t know about you, but I have several things I would like to liquidate into cash. There are plenty of places online to sell your extra things, just set up a meet time after quarantine or do a socially distanced meet-up. A few of them are eBay, Letgo, Offerup, Poshmark, and Mercari.

15. Take An Online Survey

I have never personally done this, but I might if I’m locked down long enough! A few sites to try might be Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Prize Rebel, My survey, and Opinion Outpost.

16. Potty Train

Let’s face it; this one is a HUGE time commitment. If your little tot is ready, quarantine is the time to do it! Get out some special treats, ditch the training diapers and go for gold! I potty trained both of my 18-month-old boys in 2 days. You will thank yourself later!

17. Update Financial Statements Like Your Living Will Or Trust

This can be a daunting, time-consuming, and research-driven task. Take the time to do it properly. During quarantine, you might not be able to call the financial advisers you need to talk to, but you can get a lot of information online! Make a list of your questions and form the best outline you can on your own. This will cut down the lawyer’s time fees when it comes time to draw it up, saving you money!

18. Learn A New Language

Personally, I have always been incredibly interested in the Hebrew language, but I have never had the time to learn it. Quarantine would be the perfect opportunity. There are ebooks you can check out for free from your local library or online classes you can take. There are also loads of apps willing to teach you anything you need to know!

19. Learn A Lost Homesteading Skill

For hundreds of years, people made their own clothes, paper, soap, medicine, windmills, and power. Get online alone or with your kids to learn a new valuable skill. Take it a step further and make something you learned! Things to do during quarantine don’t have to be limited to cleaning!

20. Plant Seeds To Start A Garden

If you have any saved garden seeds or if you have some you can harvest from fresh fruits or vegetables, sprout and plant them! One of my favorites is putting pinto beans in a wet paper towel until they sprout. It’s incredibly easy and a fun learning experience. Dig up dirt from your yard until you can get out to the proper potting mix. I have seen 50+ tutorials on how to sprout, plant, and take care of seeds.

21. Have Fun With Science Projects And Experiments

This one is enjoyable! During quarantine, you will be limited to what you have in the house, so look up household experiments. First, make sure you have the list of required items. Then, read the entire experiment to know what to expect and finally, get started! The ones we have done have been fun and educational.

22. Do A STEM Activity Like A Straw Maze Or Marble Roller Coaster

STEM activities usually use simple household items like string, straws, tape, marbles, and cardboard boxes. STEM activities are not only fun but encourage thought, engineering, and mistakes. They generally keep kids busy for hours once the project is over, which is a huge bonus! First, look online to find an interesting activity that is age-appropriate with the supplies you have. Then, if it sparks the imagination, keep going and do a new project. Let it evolve!

23. Use Trinkets To Make New Jewelry Or Embellish Photo Frames

How many broken pieces of jewelry do you own that you hoped one day you could repair or reuse? Not to mention all of the pieces you thought were nice but “just aren’t you.” First, get them all out. Then, repair the ones you love and pile up the ones you don’t. Finally, look around your house at the things needing embellishment, heat the hot glue gun, and get to work! Make new works of art to sell or keep. Anything leftover can go into a “use later” bag or thrown out to make space for the shopping spree waiting for you after quarantine!

24. Redo Furniture

MONEYMAKER! People love redone furniture! If this is your jam, get out to that newly cleaned garage and sand away. Even if you can’t get to the store for some of the paints or supplies you will need, you can at least get some of the elbow grease finished. Starting is sometimes the hardest part. Once you get started, you will most likely finish.

25. Workout

No thanks! NEXT!

26. Order New Prints For Photo Frames

IF I actually manage to get pictures of my family in frames, it only happens once every 4-15 years. My husband asked me one year if “we can get people we know in our picture frames?” I am notorious for hanging them on the wall with the stock photo family still in them! For years! Don’t judge.

Now that I have finally put OUR family in the frames, they could use a serious update. I tried to update them one time and got so confused with the sizes, vertical, horizontal, black and white, color… that I quit. Do yourself a favor; when you decide what photo to put in a frame, put a sticky note on the back of the frame, so you will remember. That way, when you get your photos back, you can easily place them correctly.

27. Redecorate Your House Using The Same Decorations And Furniture To Get A Fresh Look

Let’s face it, we all get bored with our own stuff. What if we take the same picture frames and move them with their new photos and embellishments to a different location?! Also, move around your bed and dresser if you can. Then, change the setup of the living room. Finally, rearrange the things that don’t make sense in the kitchen.

With a few simple changes, you can achieve a new space to look at. While you are rearranging, dust, sweep and clean those spots that haven’t seen the light of day since forever!

28. Write Your Government Officials To Tell Them How This Quarantine Has Impacted You

If you feel so inclined, look up your local, state, and federal officials to let them know what you appreciate and what you don’t about this situation. One person might not make a difference, but if enough people make suggestions, it might spark an interest in change. Remember, we employ them. We, the people, have the right in this incredible country to have an opinion with freedom of speech. Let’s be proactive for the generations behind us.

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