I counted how many times I’ve moved in my life and came up with 19 if I didn’t miss any. Additionally, this is the third time I’ve moved with an infant. I have compiled all of my genius moving tips I wish I had done along the way!

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Moving this past time, my attention was split because I had another child to keep track of, feed and keep entertained as well as a baby. My husband and 8yr old drove the moving truck for 3.5 days and I flew with our 5-month-old baby. This turned out to be no easy task.

Here are my tips for flying ALONE with an infant! Yes, it can be done.


Before You Move

Start making a list of the things you use every day. It might seem obvious but as soon as your attention is split 14 ways, I promise you will forget something essential like baby diapers. I’ve done it!
Pack each of the following boxes with brightly colored tape! Let the kids color all over them or write in HUGE words exactly what’s in them (on the sides of the box, not the top).

Whatever you decide to do, make sure these are the ONLY boxes with these special markings! Insist to have them put at the back of the moving truck so they are the last ones on and the first ones off. Also so they are accessible along the way in case of an emergency.


Box #1 One Week Of Essentials For Each Person:

This isn’t necessarily a box. In my case it was a suitcase for my older son and husband in the moving truck. A additional suitcase for my infant and myself. This way we should each have everything we need for a few days as if we were on vacation.

Remember, this “box” (or suitcase) is something that should take careful consideration with lists and preparations for each member of your family well before you pack it. 

Pocket knife: 

If you can, pack a pocket knife for opening boxes. Trying to find a box with a knife or scissors has been one of my hardest tasks in the past.

Trying to quickly rip open a tightly taped box in a panic just to get some food or entertainment for the kids with your hands full is very frustrating! If you are flying, make sure you put it in your checked baggage because you can’t carry it on.

Major Medications:

Blood pressure, diabetic, daily child’s medications, birth control and any other daily medications. Comfort medications are nice too like antacids or tummy meds.


Toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene, hair brush, makeup, hair gel if a member is going to work directly after arriving. (Trust me, you wont know where you packed it)

Baby Essentials:

Diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, gas reliever, tooth reliever, Tylenol, breast pump with accessories, bottles, baby food, spoon, bib, portable bed, small Thieves cleaner spray bottle for sanitizing items in a pinch. 

Older Kids:

Chargers, chargers, CHARGERS!!! Don’t forget the chargers and batteries for the electronics! Also, you need clothes, toothbrushes, books, small toys, snacks, blankies, special animals.

Important Documents:

Wallet, transcripts for the kids’ school, doctor records, passports. Anything you might need while enroute or quickly after you arrive at your new destination. These also belong in box #1 or your suitcase so they don’t get lost in the hustle of the move. 


Box #2 Nonessentials To Be Quickly Available

Basic Medication:

Pain reliever, antacids, gas drop for the baby, essential oils, cough drops, laundry detergent, toothpaste, hand soap, dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene, hair gel, razors, shaving cream, lotion, first aid all belong in this box.

Unscrew the tops, put plastic cling wrap over the opening. Then, screw the tops back on. In addition, you can put them in individual plastic bags just in case they spill.

Bonus Idea:

Purchase travel size detergent, dish soap, toothpaste, deodorant, hand soap, baby wipes, pain reliever, mouthwash and other essentials. They take up less valuable room and weight in your box.

Other Important Supplies:

Next, throw a pack of diapers here also. Just in case you can’t find the box of diapers right away when you arrive.

Additionally, bath towel for each member of your family needs to be in this box so you can at least take showers.

Lastly, throw in at least 1 roll of toilet paper for each member of your family! There wont be any when you arrive.


Box #3 Immediate Food And Supplies Upon Arrival:

Next on my genius moving tips list is to buy some box food and snacks before you leave to pack it in this box. This will save you hundreds of dollars by not eating out once you arrive.

Examples: Box mac and cheese, cans of soup, crackers, jars of baby food, coffee or caffeine of some kind and other nonperishable items. Put them in this same box with the pot, pan, strainer, bowls, spoon, fork and anything else needed for these food dishes.

Also, I would recommend disposable utensils and dishes. Remember, mark it with brightly colored tape or tag it in big letters FOOD all over the box so you can find it.


Box #4 Entertainment:

Next, you will need entertainment for the kids. Hand held game devices, tablets, board games, deflated balls with the pump, as well as a few of their most favorite toys. Don’t forget the batteries and chargers!

Do yourself a favor and buy 1 or 2 new toys that fit into the box. Lego kits, dolls, and games for example because new toys always keep them busier longer. This is time you will thank me for later when the kids are entertained and you can unload the truck while you desperately try to find your sanity.


Box #5 Baby Comfort And Convenience:

When you arrive, the baby will be out of sorts. No matter if you drive or fly because new smells, new sounds and stressful parents are enough to make any baby cry and not sleep.

So, comfort items for the baby is box #5. Portable baby bed, baby walker, doorway jump up, Exersaucer or any other favorite thing your baby loves to play in.

This is so you have a safe place to set the baby down to play or sleep. Remember, Without these things, you are left wearing the baby trying to bend over or carry boxes.


Box #6 Bedding:

Sheets, blankets and pillows go in this final box. When you arrive to your destination, even if you have a hotel that night (highly recommended), you will need sheets, blankets and pillows quickly.

Remember, wash these things before you pack them in a very brightly decorated box! To have fresh sheets and blankets will make your nights easier, making your days better.

Also, you can put more favorite stuffed animals and blankies in this box.


BOX #7 Pets:

Lastly, if you have a pet, make sure you make a special box or suitcase for them as well. Remember, you need everything to make it through the move and also for a week or more after the arrival.

Food, medications, water bowl, leash, bed, litter and anything else needed would go in this box.


Getting Settled:

The rest of the truck can wait.

Now, the rest of your stuff can be opened, set out and put away as you get to it. As long as you have these essentials, you should make it through a few days fairly well.

In summary, these genius moving tips isolate essential items from items that can be slowly unpacked. If you take these extra steps, you will be able to keep your sanity and enjoy(ish) your move!




Bonus Genius Moving Tips!

*Notify your bank of travel so they don’t turn your money
off (like they did to us).

*Write on all sides of your box so no matter which way your box if facing, you will clearly know what is inside and not have to look at the top of the box.

*Get haircuts before you leave town. You won’t have a barber when you first arrive. Make sure everyone is groomed for school and work.

*Wash all the clothes and sheets before you move! Don’t start your new life with dirty laundry and chores. You will have enough to do. Trust me. If you do end up with some, have a trash bag set aside and left out on moving day already clearly marked “dirty laundry”. You won’t remember which bag it was that had the dirty laundry. Eeew.

*Do some research in your new area before you leave town.
Know where to get your basic needs met: groceries, gas, work, school, doctor.

*Do NOT label your jewelry or important documents box. Pick a code work that only you and your family know. Something that could be in the box but you know it’s not. “winter coats” “old toys” or “office decorations” anything other than “valuables” “jewelry” or “HEY MOVERS, STEAL THIS BOX!”

*Use towels, blankets, sheets and other soft things (even
clothes) as packing material! Wrap your glass in these to keep them safe in the
boxes. Don’t buy bubble wrap!

*Get free boxes and newspaper at recycle centers.

*Use different colored tape for each room. (I don’t do this because I want all the boxes filled for less wiggle room so I use things from all rooms to fill accordingly.)

*If you stack boxes in the garage upon arrival, make sure to put them in isles of 2 boxes wide. This way you can get to the middle boxes without breaking your items (or your face) by climbing on a middle pile of stuff.

*Leave the dressers and furniture full. If you are using
professional movers, they will have proper equipment to move these just fine.
We have moved solid wood long dressers and buffet furniture full several times
without a problem! Save space in your moving truck.

*Once a box is full but not totally full, put things like toilet paper, paper towels, books, towels, bedding or clothes to use as space filler. This does 2 valuable things: fills the space so things don’t move around and break but also it saves these things from going into yet another box of their own taking up even more space in the truck.

If you have any genius moving tips or ideas you would like to add, hit me up! Lets all help each other out! I would love to hear from you.

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