By now you probably know I have a new baby who doesn’t sleep during the day. If you don’t, here is my blog about him. We have tried ALL the things. The only thing I’ve learned is that I’m just not the perfect Pinterest mom and it’s ok to trust your mom instincts.

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The more answers I dig for, the worse it gets. Half of the internet says yes, while the other half says no. Then, there are the people who shame moms by saying things like “I would never leave my child to cry alone and scared”.

I get it! I don’t want them scared either. But, some people NEED to put their children down to keep them safe! And that’s okay too!

Mamas hear me!! IT’S OK TO TRUST YOUR MOM INSTINCTS! Get off the internet and use what God gave you. You don’t even have to tell anyone that you let them use a binky or cried for more than five minutes.

Love your babies! Hold them if you want to. Also, Set them down if you need to. But for the love of all things holy, DON’T let ANYONE and I mean ANYONE shame you into doing or not doing something your gut has told you otherwise. That goes for family too. Stand up for yourself! Stand up for your kids!

Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself.

During our “cry it out” method the past day or so, I listened to my infant’s cry change from mad to scared as I set him in his bed. Then, It changed again to heartbroken as I pulled his clenched hands off of mine to walk away.

Did I go back to him? No! Even though I knew better but the internet told me not to go back and I was desperate for help. It ripped my guts out and ended up getting us nowhere.

Listening to an infant sniff/cry even as they sleep because of crying themselves to sleep is not okay with my heart. Today, I’m listening to my gut. I call it the Holy Spirit. Today, I will pick him up, kiss his sweet face and rock him to sleep if he gets overwhelmed.

What about them?

Don’t forget, we jostle them around so quickly to move about our day because if we don’t, things won’t get done. Then, we will fall behind!! We forget about their feelings and focus on their needs alone.

Imagine getting man handled in all sorts of positions, up, down, side, other side, set down, picked up… it would make me puke!

Sweet mammas, you know their every breath and freckle. You know every sound they make and what it means. You know their smell and movements. Without hesitation, you could pick them out in a room full of kids without eyes or ears simply by your heart’s connection alone.

First, Trust yourself with instincts.

Second, Trust yourself with convictions and beliefs.

Lastly, Trust yourself enough to take a stand.


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