Congratulations, You’re a mom!

As such, you must now be a brave, compassionate, giving, last, elegant, distinguished, beautiful, creative, fun, generous, fierce, hardworking, honest, inspirational, nurturing, reliable, understanding, wise, prepared, confident, selfless, passionate, spontaneous and inspirational Commanding General of your own Army whom are expected to outperform to exponential measure least you be kicked off the “good mom” list as a failure.

No pressure!

Raise your hand if you think this is impossible! In this space, we talk raw, real, vulnerable, transparent truths. Not excusing complacency but also not judging for human emotions or mistakes. Nothing fake either. Ever. People need people. Moms need moms.

Balancing the mental fatigue with productivity while fighting against our impossible vision of personal acceptance is a daunting task.

For example, have you tried asking for advice in a “helpful” moms group only to find out mistakes are forbidden? Why don’t we take away the power of isolation, band together and get real.

All of the posts on Glitter My Chaos are transparent, written by me, Kerri, from the purest place in my heart intended to help, inspire and heal others. Learn more about me here.


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A life of torture. Disturbing or bad thoughts towards your child..

A life of torture. Disturbing or bad thoughts towards your child..

Are you disturbed by the horrific thoughts towards your child? Have you searched the entire internet for help (like I did) to no avail? ***WARNING***  THIS POST IS DESIGNED TO HELP FIND THE TORTURED, HELPLESS MOTHER. IT IS NOT A FEEL-GOOD POST. IT IS RAW AND DISTURBING OF BAD THOUGHTS TOWARDS YOUR CHILD. IF THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU INTEND TO READ, PLEASE CLOSE...

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Fusion Vs Elective Amputation

Fusion Vs Elective Amputation Ankle Fusion Vs Amputation Why would someone choose to amputate if ankle fusion is an option? I, personally, want a surgery that would allow me to play with my kids, run, hike, bike, and enjoy life to its fullest! I am in a constant eight level of pain due to a broken dislocated talus bone in my left foot. In an effort to fix...

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Elective Amputation Day

Elective Amputation Day Why Would I Electively Amputate My Foot? Before we cover the actual elective amputation day, here is a bit of a backstory. When I was 28 years old, I wrecked my motorcycle resulting in a snapped foot. Since then, I have had 4 surgeries, countless physical therapy hours, and chiropractic visits. I walk on my toes because my bone...

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Homemade Philly Cheesesteaks

Homemade Philly Cheesesteaks My posts may contain affiliate links meaning I may or may not receive a small commission for my item suggestion with no added cost to you. Serves: 4 Ingredients: 1.5 lbs ribeye steak shaved Marinate of choice I used Brown Sugar and Bourbon 7 tablespoons of soft butter 1 red pepper 1/2 onion 4 cloves of garlic smashed Hoagie...

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kerri trammel

Meet Kerri Trammel

Hello! My name is Kerri. I am a recent stay-at-home mom, blogger, and homeschool teacher. At our core, we all want the same thing: to be loved, listened to, and treated with respect. Sometimes we need a little help achieving these basic needs.

This is why I have created Glitter My Chaos! I share my best stepping stones towards more positive and fruitful lives.

Momin’ ain’t easy! Let’s get real and help each other sprinkle glitter on our chaos! 

My Self-Love Journal

Hello, Beloved! My Self-Love Journal is a fun, full color journal with 90 unique pages designed to be an interactive self-help experience for all women to discover, empower and grow into who they want to be as a mom, wife, student, friend, and human. Self-reflection directly affects self-esteem both positively and negatively. Learn to love yourself through self-improvement and self-care.

If you fully commit yourself through these daily stepping stones, you will understand the importance of: Setting priorities, Developing healthy boundaries, Delegating, Minimizing, Understanding relaxation, Setting expectations, and so much more.

Remember: anytime you make a life change, there are growing pains. Don’t Quit! Dig deep and reap the rewards of a healthier, happier you!

Previously, as a full-time hairstylist of almost 20 years, I have had countless opportunities to listen, learn and speak life. Every person has a unique story with individual situations.

However, at the core, we all want the same thing: to be loved, listen to, and treated with respect. Sometimes we need a little help achieving these basic needs.

This is why I have created My Self-Love Journal series! I am sharing my best stepping stones towards a more positive and fruitful life.

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